Secure Email from Inky

End-to-end encrypted and digitally signed email
using your existing email account

Inky makes sending and receiving encrypted and digitally signed email a breeze with no additional setup.

It's as simple as regular email and works with any type of email account (Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, GMail, iCloud, IMAP).

Inky automatically handles the headaches and complexities of cryptographic key management.

You can rest assured that your communications remain safe and secure while using Inky.


What is encrypted email?

Encrypted email keeps your message strictly confidential and secure from eavesdropping by third parties. Only the recipient can read the message after it is automatically decrypted by Inky on the recipient's device. 

Your company can protect sensitive and confidential data by ensuring that all emails between employees and with clients are encrypted. Inky does this automatically without a complicated IT deployment.


What is digitally signed email?

Signed email contains the digital equivalent of a handwritten signature to prove to recipients that email sent from your address was really sent by you and not an imposter. It also guarantees that your message was not modified in any way.

Your company can stop phishing attacks by only trusting and responding to emails that are digitally signed and sent through Inky. Any other emails claiming to be from an employee may be forgeries trying to steal information.


Read our white paper to learn more about the technical details:

Inky Security White Paper


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