A mailbox in Inky provides a custom view of your mail based on a saved search and other options like how messages are sorted and grouped.


Built-In Mailboxes

Filtered Inbox

This curated view includes personal messages without Newsletters, Daily Deals, and Social Notifications. This is the ultimate powerhouse view for getting things done.


Viewing messages from personal contacts is often all that you really want to do. This view allows you to cut through the fluff and read what is really important.


Inky quarantines your newsletters in one view, so you can read them when you have time, rather than when their publishers send them. They’re there when you want them, but they’re not in your task flow.


Sending messages to yourself is a great way to save notes for later. Inky automatically organizes email to yourself into one view.


View all mail you've flagged for follow-up with a single click.


Social notifications can clutter the inbox. Check your social updates separately to catch up on your friends.

Package Tracking

Keeping track of shipments in your inbox can be a drag. Inky helps you by automatically organizing your package tracking messages into a single view.


Inky organizes messages with addresses into one view. This makes finding that address someone sent you three days ago really easy.

Custom Mailbox Ideas


Tag the email addresses of coworkers as #work. Then make a mailbox with the search "unified:inbox #work" to easily find all incoming mail from your team.


Tag that sensitive, never can lose, very important correspondence as #confidential. Then make a mailbox with the search "unified:inbox #confidential" to keep track of those messages.

Project Teams

Tag people on a particular project with a tag of your choice, like #project-xyz, and make a mailbox with that tag to see all the mail relating to that project in one unified view.