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General Questions

Are my email passwords stored on Inky’s servers?

Inky connects to your email providers and processes your mail on your machine. Your email data never passes through our servers. Inky stores your email passwords encrypted on our servers, but it is encrypted using your device in such a way that we cannot decrypt it.  This means that no one — not even Inky employees — can access your data without knowing your password. This also means that you can have one Inky account for multiple computers because your information is transferred encrypted through the cloud.

Will using Inky mess up my mail?

No. Inky keeps your emails intact and in sync with your email provider. For example, if you read a work email message on your home computer, and then go to the office, you will see that the message is marked as read there as well. You can always “go back” after trying Inky. In fact, you can switch back and forth between your providers’ web sites and Inky any time you want. Note, however, that reading encrypted email in your account requires the use of Inky or a suitably configured S/MIME-capable email client.

Do I need to create a new email address?

No. Inky works with your current email accounts. You can also add new accounts at any time.

Can your employees read my mail?

No. Your mail provider stores your mail, and your email never goes through our network or computers.

If I send mail using Inky, will it still look like it’s coming from me?

Yes. When you compose a message, you can send it from any of your accounts. Messages sent using Inky look exactly the same as if you had sent them using your provider’s web site.

How does Inky manage contacts?

Inky provides suggestions as you type the address in the To, Cc, or Bcc boxes in the compose pane.  Inky creates this list from recipients in email messages you've previously sent. 

How can I get help with Inky or send feedback?

More information on Inky is available at our Support Center.  For further help or to send us feedback, please use our form.

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Security Questions

Does Inky invade my privacy?

No. By design, Inky can read your mail and help you organize it, but we, the creators of Inky, cannot. When you read an email with Inky, you’re reading a copy that’s stored in the memory of the machine you’re reading it on — e.g., your desktop computer. Unlike many mail services, with Inky you are not reading a copy of mail that’s stored on our servers somewhere in the cloud. And because Inky never sends us your emails — again, by design — our employees can’t ever access the contents of your email. This protects your privacy. Note, however, that your mail host — the company that provides you your email account and mail storage — very likely can still read your email. There are email storage providers that offer to host your mail in such a way that they cannot read your email; if you are worried about the absolute privacy of your email, you should consider encrypting your email when you send it with Inky, and encourage anyone who sends you email to use Inky and do the same.  For detailed security information of the Inky system, please see the Inky Security Whitepaper.

What does end-to-end encryption mean?

End-to-end encryption means that your email is strictly confidential and that only the recipient can read the message after it is automatically decrypted by Inky on the recipient's device.  At no time after you click "Send" is the email in a decrypted state except when viewed inside of Inky by the recipient.  The email is not only encrypted in transit, it is also encrypted at rest, meaning that nobody else can read the email: not Microsoft or Google, not your ISP, and not Inky employees.

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Encrypted Email Questions

What is encrypted email?

Encrypted email keeps your message strictly confidential and secure from eavesdropping by third parties. Only the recipient can read the message after it is automatically decrypted by Inky on the recipient's device. In Inky, encrypted emails are identified by a green and white lock icon.

How do I send encrypted email in Inky?

When composing an email, check the "Encrypt" box on your desktop Inky, or toggle the lock icon in the subject line in mobile versions of Inky. When the email is sent to an email address that has Inky, the email will be sent encrypted. If the email address does not have Inky, Inky will notify you and will not let you send an encrypted email by accident.  You can press the "Invite to Inky" button to invite the person to use Inky, or uncheck the "Encrypt" box to send the email unencrypted.

Can I search encrypted emails?

Absolutely. Inky has speedy search, and it works the same for encrypted and unencrypted mail.

Can I read the encrypted mails I send?

Yes, they will be in your sent folder and can be read in Inky. If you try to read an encrypted email in your Sent folder from another mail client (e.g., Outlook) or Web mail interface (e.g., Yahoo Mail), you will be able to see only header information.

What about attachments? Are they encrypted?

Yes, attachments are encrypted. When you check "encrypt," the entire email is encrypted. The only things left unencrypted are the headers (aka metadata: "To:", "From:", "Date:", and "Subject:").

Can I use Inky to send and read unencrypted mail?

Yes, mail is encrypted only if you select the "Encrypt" checkbox when you compose an email.

Can I automatically encrypt all email I send?

Sure, just go to go into Settings > Account Settings, and toggle the security setting marked "Encrypt by default."

My organization would like more controls and a dashboard to manage Inky for our employees.

We are developing these features right now. Tell us what you would like to see.

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Digitally Signed Email Questions

What is digitally signed email?

Signed email contains the digital equivalent of a handwritten signature to prove to recipients that email sent from your address was really sent by you and not an imposter. It also guarantees that your message was not modified in any way. In Inky, signed emails are identified by a green and white shield icon.

Can I send signed mail to everyone, or do they need to have Inky?

Yes, you can send signed mail to any email address. Inky "clear signs" mail that is not encrypted, which means that recipients can read the signed mail even if they're not using Inky. In other mail applications, your recipients will not be able to verify the signature in the mail to prove your identity. Instead, they may see a small attachment named "smime.p7s," but the message contents should still be visible.

How do I know received email is digitally signed?

The shield icon will be green (instead of gray) if the email is signed.

How can I send unsigned mail in Inky?

Go to Settings and navigate to the email account settings, scroll down and toggle the button labeled "Sign by default" off.

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Subscription Questions

How do I take advantage of Inky Basic (Free Inky)? 

Everyone who downloads Inky will get a free 14 day trial.  If you have a, iCloud, or account — you don't need to do anything else; continue to enjoy Inky for free.   

For any other type of account added (for example: Yahoo!, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, and work IMAP accounts) Inky offers a subscription for a low monthly fee at

How do I buy Inky? 

Inky is a subscription service and costs $5/month.  After you've downloaded Inky and added your email account, go to and choose "Buy A Subscription".  When prompted, use the email address you added to Inky (if you added more than one email account, enter the one you'll want to use when you come back to the Inky Store to edit your subscription.)

What is the Inky Store? 

If you'd like to continue using Inky after the free trial has ended, you can go to the Inky Store at  to purchase a subscription.  Subscribers can go to the Inky Store to manage all aspects of their subscription: add or remove users on the rostermake payments, or to cancel a subscription. 

What does an Inky subscription cover?   

One Inky subscription covers all personal devices on which you install Inky - iPhone, Mac, PC, or Android.  Once you've registered with Inky on your first device, simply install Inky on any additional devices you have and sign in with the username and password you selected with the first device. 

You do not need a separate subscription for every email account you have.  You can add as many of your personal email accounts to one Inky subscription as you would likeno limit.    

Why does the Inky Store give me the option to buy more licenses, and what's the deal with the roster? 

This is geared towards Inky's Enterprise offering.  Businesses can purchase multiple licenses if more than one employee is going to use Inky.  Each employee needs their own license.  Inky can save businesses significantly by downgrading their existing Office 365 plan and adding Inky in place of the installed Outlook app.  The business subscriber assigns each employee a roster "seat" which allows them to access Inky.   Seat holders on the roster can then tailor their own Inky accounts as they'd like.   If you purchase Inky for yourself, you'll be a roster of "1".   

What if I decide Inky isn't for me and I bought a subscription after the trial? 

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the "Inky Store", getting an access link to your account, and stepping through the cancellation procedure: Step-by-step cancellation instructions   

When you cancel a subscription, you cancel only future charges associated with your subscription.  Refunds are not provided.  The cancellation will become effective immediately.

IMPORTANT: if you use the option in Inky's Settings to delete your Inky account, this does not cancel your subscription.  You must go to the Inky Store to cancel your subscription.

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