Custom Solutions

Our Platform. Your Vision.

Inky is built entirely with modern tools, technologies, and systems. The result is a collaboration suite that is truly at home in a heterogeneous world: one that is easy to customize, extend, and integrate with other systems.

Attention ISPs, Email Service Providers, Software Developers, and Device Manufacturers

Your customers need a secure email solution that’s enterprise-grade and runs on all their devices. They expect smart search capabilities, full calendar support, and robust security. And they want a fast, fluid, native user experience that’s as delightful to use as their favorite consumer apps.

We’ve built Inky from the ground up for the mobile era. Inky offers all the enterprise email and calendar capabilities your customers demand, in an easy-to-use app that runs everywhere. What’s more, we’re happy to tailor the Inky look and feel to your needs, so you can offer the Inky experience under your own branding. Inky can also reduce your server costs since we do all message processing on the user's device.

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